Product Development & Rapid Prototyping

3d rendering

ZPL’s long time in the electronics industry means we know many key designer engineers and reliable factories. Whether you just have an idea, are in initial steps of product development, or, have your Industrial Design (ID) and PCB design ready for mass production, ZPL can have product rapidly prototyped to meet your tight deadlines.

Our in-house industrial engineers can help render your outer design into 3D models and help you get factory quotes to open a mould. Our mechanical engineers can help you do the PCB design and the 3D rendering for internal board design.

ZPL has several in-house products in development. Our project managers can help manage your project’s development on-sight at the factory and can help to oversee QA testing.

Lastly, ZPL knows some of the best firmware and APP developers Shenzhen has to offer. We can help with testing, development and make sure your product works as it should before containers begin shipping.

Upon signing a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we will begin consultation and discuss the following if you have them:
  1. Conceptual Block diagram.
  2. Bill of materials (BOM)
  3. A summary of your IOT/cloud computing needs
Items to consider:
  1. What is your current production stage? (Design, prototype, production, etc…)
  2. What are the three (3) most critical items for your success?
  3. Are you currently engaged with any other product development companies?
  4. Are you already working with a cloud provider, contract manufacturer or design house?
  5. Do you have any prior experience with electronics or software development?

Take full advantage of your consulting sessions with ZPL engineers who can help you with your design. Take to the first step to fast tracking your product development and contact us today!

how can we help you?

Contact us at the ZPL consulting office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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