Legal & Trademark


Legal & Trademark

Many companies save money in areas where they shouldn’t. Trademark and word marks are one of these areas. Have a trademark in China does not prevent someone from registering your brand name in West. We recommend also registering in the USA, Canada, Japan, UK and several other European countries. This cost of trademark registration depends on the particular countries you wish to trademark your brand in.

ZPL also recommends registering a trademark for your product model names as well. Registering model numbers can help prevent other companies with similar products from selling their product with your model number. Hence, you can iron-proof both your brand and product name trademark from unscrupulous sellers who would like to confuse your loyal customer base.

One of our clients almost lost his brand name because he didn’t have a proper mailing address and email. ZPL’s rates are competitive and our in this field will save you much time and from many headaches in the future.

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